Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions one could have about the user profile.

  1. User Blog – each user can have their own blog. It can be found by going to the “User Profile” and clicking on “My Blog”. The blog posts can consist of articles written by the user or youtube videos. Categories and tags can be selected for each article. We suggest that the user include a featured image so that it looks much more attractive when it is posted.
  2. Messages – you can send or receive direct messages from any other user of the “Nehemiah Forum” website. If you wish to send a message, use the search function to find the user to whom you wish to send a message.
  3. Topics Started – each user can start a topic under any of the forums. This is a list of the topics this user started.
  4. Replies Created – this is a list of replies that this user created in response to a topic posted by another user.
  5. Engagements – this is a list of the topics in which the user is engaged.
  6. Favorites – this is a list of topics that the user has labeled as their favorites.
  7. Subscriptions – a user can subscribe to all topics for a given forum or all replies for a given topic.
  8. Edit Profile – if the user wishes to make changes to their profile they would click on this link.
  9. Wordfence Login Security - if you wish to have better security on your account, activate Wordfence login security by clicking on this button. It will require you to activate 2-factor authentication.First, choose an authenticator app to use, if you do not already have one installed on a cell phone or tablet. There are many available for iOS, Android, and other platforms, including:
    • Google Authenticator
    • Sophos Mobile Security
    • FreeOTP Authenticator
    • 1Password (mobile and desktop versions) See: 1Password help
    • LastPass Authenticator
    • Microsoft Authenticator
    • Authy 2-Factor Authentication
    • Any other authenticator app that supports Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP)
  10. Avatar - we suggest that you chose an avatar picture to represent you on this forum. It will make it easier for people to identify you and know who you are. The avatar can be any picture at least 150x150 which would represent you Click on the "Update Profile" button at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to a few other fields to be included in your profile. We strongly recommend you add an avatar to your account as this will make it easier for people to recognize your postings and will help you develop a following.
  11. Social Media Accounts - if you wish to add social media accounts to your profile, add the appropriate icons and links to your accounts.
  12. Other Fields - most of the other fields are self explanitory.

Forums are controlled by the administrator of the site. If you want to suggest an additional forum, please contact the "admin" user via the messager app under your profile. Search for the "admin" person and send a message with your suggestion.

Users can start a topic within a given forum by clicking on the forum picture on the home page. When you start a new topic be sure that you give a good description of the topic and any position you are taking on the topic. Refer to the "Rules" tab if you have any questions regarding what you should do.

If you start a topic, you should monitor responses to the topic so that you answer any questions or concerns that someone expresses about the position or positions you are taking. Certainly, people can support your position but sometimes the most enlightening discussions happen when someone brings up an angle that you have not thought about or discussed in your posting. Be sure and follow the discussions so that all people are responded to in a reasonable period of time.


If you want more traffic to a topic that you started, we suggest that you post relevant posts to your blog. By posting relevant articles and videos to your blog, you will attract more people who are concerned and interested in that topic. Also, ask other members of the forum to post replies to your topic which may create others to also respond. You can also try updating the information you provided about the topic that will get more people interested in it. Don't give up, try different avenues until you get the right combination.


If you have a question for the administrator, users can use the "Messages" function under your Profile page. This allows you to directly message the administrator of the Nehemiah Reset Forum website.

If you have registered for the forum website and have not received the email asking you to verify your email address, and want it resent, please click on this link to send the email again. If you still haven't received the email, then try re-registering your email by clicking on this link.


In the near future Nehemiah Reset will be adding a shop where forum members can purchase information at a discount. In the meantime, there are currently no items that we offer for sale.