White Privilege

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    White privilege refers to the collection of benefits that white people receive in societies where they top the racial hierarchy. This concept includes everything from whiteness being equated with being “normal” to whites having more representation in better jobs. White privilege leads to white people being viewed as more honest and trustworthy than other groups, whether or not they have earned that trust.

    At the heart of the concept is the assertion that, in a racist society, white skin allows for an array of unearned privileges unavailable to people of color. Accustomed to their social status and the benefits that accompany it, white people tend not to acknowledge their white privilege. Learning about the experiences of people of color, however, may prompt whites to admit to the advantages they have in society.

    Since this concept was developed, social scientists and activists have expanded the conversation around privilege to include sex, gender, ability, culture, nationality, and class.

    Under this new concept, they call it “white privilege” but it has become a reason to discriminate against people with these attributes. How do you feel about this concept of “white privilege”? Should whites be discriminated against just because they were born white? Wouldn’t be better to concentrate on how to help people who were born with other disadvantages, e.g. with disabilities, from poor families, etc? It seems like progressives again try to divide people by race rather than by economic status and other legitimate ways. Express your opinion about this issue.

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