What Is The Goal Of Planned Parenthood?

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    The Minnesota Department of Health released its annual “Induced Abortions in Minnesota” report on July 1, showing a continued overall downward trend in abortions in the state. However, Planned Parenthood (PP) continues to increase its “market share” of abortions in Minnesota. PP committed 6292 of the 9910 reported abortions in 2018 (more than 63%). The number of abortions in Minnesota has declined 48% since 1980, but PP’s total has increased by 44% just since 2013. (PP moved into its new, large abortion facility on Vandalia St. in St. Paul in December 2011).

    According to many articles, Planned Parenthood’s target is people of color. Why are people of color a target for Planned Parenthood? Certainly, this is supported in that most of the Planned Parenthood facilities are close to the people who are economically hurting. Should Planned Parenthood be supported by government funding? Should you as a consumer be required to support abortions by including it as a requirement in your insurance package?


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