Third Term Abortions

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    The latest Harvard Center for American Political Studies and Harris poll revealed that a majority of American voters believe that abortions should be legal up until the first trimester, or only in cases of incest and rape. Far fewer participants believe that women should be able to have an abortion during the third trimester, or up until the moment of birth.

    The poll conducted online within the United States from May 29-30, 2019 among 1,295 registered voters, found that 41% of voters believe abortion should only be allowed in cases of incest and rape. 29% believe that abortion should be legal up until the first trimester.

    The survey also found that just 6% of Americans believe abortion should be allowed until the moment of birth, 8% of Americans believe it should be allowed in the third trimester, and 17% believe that it should be allowed in the second.

    When asked whether or not a doctor and mother should be permitted to kill a baby born with deformities, a majority of 70% said the doctor and mother should not be allowed to kill the baby post-birth.

    What do you believe should happen with abortions? Do you believe they should be allowed – why or why not? What about late-term abortions? Progressive advocates are now saying that abortions should be able to happen at any time even up to and after birth. Do you think late-term abortions should be legal?

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